How To Use Video Marketing To Boost Your Brand?

Video advertisements precede digital ads by several decades but more recently it has been revived in a modern avatar. This new, digital avatar of video ads is agile, digestible, more realistic and surprisingly economical. The best thing is that this new avatar is being loved by businesses and audiences alike. Thanks to digitization, even start-ups and small businesses can create awesome video ads that impress audiences, build brand awareness and increase sales.

In that capability, digitization has been instrumental in democratizing the advertisement space. However, the businesses need to develop a strategic outlook to utilize the technology advancements to extract the maximum potential of video marketing:

Don’t restrict to conventional limits

If we look at the present scene, we would realize that video marketing is not only getting popular but also freeing itself from conventional chains. Over time the video marketing has already crossed the conventional threshold of limited options like pre-roll videos of half a minute or lengthy TV ads. Today, there is a wide array of options to explore and you can pick any that best meets your specific objectives without disturbing your budget. 

The technology innovation has made it possible to “videofy” the still visuals by creating boomerang, and cinemagraphs that perfectly simulate moving animation and captures viewers’ attention. You may opt for a slideshow, create interactive social media advertisements in different formats like carousel, stories, canvas or slideshows or just experiment with your own innovative format.  Moreover today, there are a number of sophisticated tools to independently create videos that are loved by search engines and viewers.

Use realistic videos that people can relate to

Along with the technology, the settings and overall treatment have also been redefined when it comes to video ads. The video advertisements no longer need to be big, larger than life affairs with exclusive settings and perfect looking models. With time we have learned to embrace our real image- a common man trying to achieve big feats. So, you don’t need to pay exorbitant prices for shipshape settings, expensive models, scriptwriters or costly cameras for perfect shooting. 

You can shoot simple real-life incidents and events with your mobile camera without any script or “cinematic” dialogues and publish them on social media platforms. It still transfers the right impression to the viewers. Right from behind the scene clips to advocacy videos by employees or client testimonials/stories- you have multiple ways to produce no-fuss videos at fractional costs and efforts. Along with saving expenses, time and effort it also speeds up a time to market and results in discovery/optimization.

Avoid stretching the videos unnecessarily 

Long-form video ads were never a favorite snack for any eye but more recently viewers have grown more unforgiving to such lengthy videos. What’s more important to note is that in this viewers vs. advertisers the technology seems to be with the former. YouTube, for instance, offers an option for skipping ads to keep the viewing experience intact. 

Besides, there are options for paid viewership with zero ads. So there is no business wisdom in creating half-a-minute ads that put off the audiences instead of pulling their attention. The modern audiences relate better to the short video clips that convey the message quickly in an everyday language without much ado.

Use automation and AI

One thing that technology does best is to compress manual labor with automation. You don’t need to gather and assimilate different elements to produce a video. Rather they’re are pre-built video templates that you can customize to your brand or requirements with quick drag and drop steps. 

In no time you can design creative ads for marketing your brand and the same day your marketing team can start shipping the ad to the right prospects. What’s more, you can even automate the product cataloging, festive offer scheduling and top discount schemes with simple standing instructions- thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Avoid the chaos of variety

Instead of risking all your energy, attention and investment on single advertisements- call it Ad marathons, today the businesses can go for short Ad sprints by testing with different short-form ads and quick market campaigns. It has empowered businesses to efficiently track ad performance and optimize it accordingly. However, it is up to the businesses to utilize this opportunity the best way.

Instead of getting their hands into a chaos of varieties, the businesses can better be benefited by testing a single element at a time. They can track conversations on social media to measure the brand sentiment delivered by their ads or measure their sales figures to see if and how the ads affected their overall sales potential. Regular testing and optimization empower businesses to create an all-weather ad strategy that enjoys a constant relevance to the targeted prospects by shifting its focus to specific events, festivals, and milestones achieved by individual prospects. 


Video ads have been experiencing a major comeback in a new digital format. Modern video ads are short, compact and more realistic in their appeal. The technology advancements have compressed the efforts and expenses associated with conventional video ads. By tactically combining the digital abilities with the right strategies the businesses can multiply the reach and impact of their video ads.

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