Base Jumping: An Ultimate Sports To Experience

Base Jumping: An Ultimate Sports To Experience

Do you like the feel of the adrenalin rush in your body? Are you super interested in adventure sports like base-jumping? If you are, you are in luck today.

As today, we tell you all about “base jumping: an ultimate sport to experience” with the help of the following headlines:

  • The What and How of Base Jumping
  • Base Jumping Legality
  • The Jump Preparation
  • Minimum Requirements
  • The Parachute: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s now dive right into it.


Base jumping is fun yet dangerous. And hence, to make a wise decision to pursue it, every minute detail is important. So, let’s find out all about base-jumping.

What Is Base jumping

Base jumping is an adventure sport in which one jumps from a high point using a parachute.

There is nothing much to do here. But, is that simple?

Well, not really!

It is all about jumping off the top of a high point. The high point can be the top of the hill, building, high bridge or even an antenna.

One can say that it is the smaller version of sky diving that uses the height of a natural and manmade object as the jumping base.

And to perform that, there are some basic things that you should know before you do so though and that we will be covering ahead.

Now you know what is base jumping in a parachute?

Well, keeping reading!

What Equipment Do You Need For Base Jumping?

For a successful and safe base jump, you should get hold of the following the best equipment. Average or below-average quality equipment can endanger your life.

So don’t take a chance and make sure you have the following equipment:

  • Body armor: for the overall protection of your body parts.
  • Bridles: to connect your canopy to the pilot chute.
  • Parachute
  • Parachute bag
  • Parachute container: to keep the parachute.
  • Helmet.

We suggest you buy all these items from a licensed shop that sells good quality products.

All set for the jump? Stop and read on.

Do You Need a License To Base Jump?

Most people think that like skydiving, you can do a base jump with a trained individual. The thing though is that you have to do base jumping on your own due to the lack of height in the jump.

Now to do it alone you need a B jumping license that you can only acquire by completing successful skydiving jumps on your own. And how many jumps do you need to base jump? 50 is the required number.

 The consequence of doing a jump without a license can be very dangerous.

And above all base jumping is not cheap.

Read on to find out how expensive it is.

How Expensive Is Base Jumping?

As we said above, you need a B jumping license to do a base jump. The 50 skydives you will perform for the license will cost roughly $25 each. That means for the license alone you will have to spend $1250 more.

And that is not all. The basic base-jumping kit with the equipment we mentioned will cost you a minimum of $5000. The combined cost stands at $6250. That is the minimum you have to spend to do base jumping legally. 

Talking of legality, let’s look into it now. 


The danger is base of base jumping. Considering which, before perusing the passion, it is always a good idea to know ‘is base jumping is legal or not’

 So, let find out the details!

Is Base Jumping Dangerous?

It goes without saying that base jumping is extremely dangerous. It is not only because of the height but the lack of height.

In a regular skydive, you jump from 14,000 feet. From that height, you have the time to deploy your reserve chute if the primary one fails.

In base jumping, you only jump from less than 500 feet. Normally you have very little time to open your chute and in case it fails, you don’t even have a reserve chute. Death is certain in that scenario. Apart from that base jumping is illegal in the US. Read on to find out why we say so.

Why Is Base Jumping Illegal?

Base jumping is illegal due to the factors we mentioned above. And even if you have a license then also jumping from certain places like buildings and antennas is illegal as if you die accidentally, it becomes the responsibility of the building owners or the antenna owners.

Even if you land safely, people around you can get injured due to your parachute strings.

You must be thinking to skip the activity completely and only dream it. But, as rightly said, ‘’when there is a will, there is a way’’

So can we say, ‘Is Base Jumping Legal?’

Well, here is music to your ears!

Base jumping is legal only when done in government-approved places. The list for the same can be found on the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service website.

Let’s now look at How Do You Do Base Jumping?


To perform a safe jump, keep in mind the following things,

How Do You Prepare for Base Jumping?

Once you have the license required for the jump, we suggest you join a base-jumping school. They will teach you everything.

A basic beginner’s course will cost you around $1195.

Now before the training, make sure about two more things.

What Skills Do You Need For Base Jumping?

Some basic skills are required to do a safe base jump. You should be good at keeping track of your surroundings, have good eye sight and have a sense of stability at high speeds.

Lacking in any of these skills will not allow you into any base jumping school.

Another thing to consider is,

How Do You Land When Base Jumping?

Just like sky diving, the landing in base jumping is also crucial. While the base jumping school will tell you about everything about the landing, we just suggest that you run a few steps on the landing.


A base jump has few minimum requirements. Let’s take a look into them now.

Requirement Of Base jumping

The minimum requirement for base jumping is that you have a B jumping license. An illegal base jump can land you a fine of $2000.  

So, What Do You Need for Base Jumping?

Here is, what it is!

For a safe base jump, you should buy a base-jumping kit and get trained by a professional base jumper and always remember, to experience it in the right way, prefer safe jump.

Wondering, what’s that?

Up next is,

What Is The Minimum Height For Base Jumping?

A safe minimum height for base jumping is 500 feet as that height is the minimum height for a parachute to open completely.

Now finally see,


Q1. How Much Is A Base Jumping Parachute?

It costs about $10000 and that is for the best quality one. The most basic one costs about $2000.

Q2. How Does A Base Jumping Parachute Work?

It works just like a shy diving parachute. For a detailed explanation, you can refer to some YouTube videos on the same.

Q3. Are Base Jumping Parachutes Different?

Yes, slightly as they have a bigger canopy due to the fact that they are opened at low heights.


All things come to an end and so does our talk. So, to sum up, everything, we hope that we cleared all your doubts regarding base jumping. If you feel the need for base jumping, do so keeping in mind the things we told you. Acquire the jumping license beforehand to avoid a hefty fine. Go for the best equipment there is and follow the instructions of your instructor to remain safe and sound.

Follow your passion for base jumping in a safe and sound way. Good luck with the jump!

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