Know About Yoga Bolster & Its Innumerable Advantages

Practicing yoga is one of the best ways to enjoy the maximum from Yoga. From the range of props available and has made its use to the practitioners, yoga bolsters are one of the most common ones. If you are looking for such props, you can now buy yoga bolster online.

Traditional bolsters are one of the traditional concepts that offer support to the joints and other systems that require to be in use while practicing. They are cylindrical form pillows that offer firm support and are often designed to make use in a range of purposes. These are the body pillows that offer support, relaxation and become helpful while stretching and maintaining the hard postures.

The yoga bolster pillows are most commonly been used for restorative yoga practices. The use of these pillows can be a lot helpful in offering proper support and relaxation to the parts of your body. This allows you to practice without stressing. When used for restorative yoga, this can be immensely helpful in relieving the nervous system. This can be one of your best friends for your yoga time.

Why do you need to choose a quality Yoga Bolster?

You just cannot buy yoga bolster online available as you have to make sure that the bolster has the strength to offer the support that you need. Therefore, let us check what are the prime advantages of choosing durable quality yoga bolsters. Therefore check out the following to know more.

It offers support in your joints: The prime reason for using yoga bolsters is because of the firm support that they can offer to your body. The bolster pillows have been created in a manner that can actually provide the support that you require while you are practicing some of the most complicated postures.

It encourages you to keep going: There are times when we start giving up while we feel the pain. This can be a bad turn for your mental and physical health. Therefore make sure that you are purchasing the best yoga bolster that can offer support and encourage you to keep going.

It can be used by any person: The best part about the yoga bolsters is that they can be used by people of any age and gender. Whether you have joint pain or you are pregnant, these bolsters can be a lot helpful in ensuring the best. However, make sure that you checking when you buy bolster pillows online.

Ways that you can use the bolster pillow:


You can use the bolster for the posture.

  • With your one foot, stand on the yoga bolster pillow and while you keep balancing on it, you can enjoy the softness of these pillows.
  • Once you have made the balance, you can reach out the arms. Then bend the knees to reach the buttocks and then tale your right hand to maintain the inner arch.
  • This is one of the best postures to get stability and body synergy.
  • The best would always be when you choose the extra-large bolster pillows while practicing

Viparita Karani Asana:

This is again one of the best postures to use the bolster:

You have started by positional against the wall. After that, make sure that you keep your legs swing freely and also the upper body to freely rest on the floor.

Make sure that you set the body in a way that it stays close to the walls. Next to this, left the pelvis and then gently keep sliding Yoga bolsters keeping it under the lower back.

With the use of the yoga bolster, you can relax the pelvis and then extend the legs keeping it straight to the wall. Rest the arms and maintain a T shape.

This is a great choice for pain-relieving and offers both comfort and support.


This can become easy with the use of yoga bolster:

This is one of the simplest yoga postures that can be performed easily with the bolster pillows. You can experience the lower body and pelvis dropping their weight on the bolsters.

You just have to keep your legs crossed on the bolster so that your pelvis can tilt ahead.

Make sure you keep an eye on the breathing pattern for a better result.

No doubt that the yoga bolsters are one of the best choices, you would always require a Yoga mat. Therefore check MatsHut as they are the best yoga mat manufacturers in India to offer everything you need for practice. Keep practicing for better health.

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