How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair?

It is never an easy task to cut the hair of a toddler especially when you try to cut at home. Hairdressing at home becomes more essential during the pandemic situation when social distancing becomes compulsory. But all are not experts with hairdressing. Moreover, every people do not know how to handle a pair of scissors. It is a really difficult task to cut the hair of a toddler if you do not have the skills of haircutting. That is the reason why in this article we have come up with various techniques of toddler boy hair cutting so that you can cut your toddler’s hair very easily.

Tips to cut toddler’s boy hair 

The following are some essential tips that you should follow whenever you need to cut your toddler’s boy hair:

  •  Watch tutorial video: The first thing that you need to do is to watch a tutorial video about how to cut children’s hair.  This type of tutorial provides some great advice about hair cutting and you can also get a unique perspective from such videos.
  • Get the right tool: Tools can make a huge difference when it comes to toddler’s hair. Some of the most necessary tools that you require for cutting a toddler’s hair are a spray bottle, apron, hairdryer, a comb of various sizes and types such as finer teeth comb and broad teeth comb, etc.
  • Keep them busy: When you do hair cut it is important to stay still and that is the major huddle faced by most of the parents for keeping their parent steady. Hence, the best thing that you can do for keeping your kids steady is to keep them distracted with some other thing that can hold their attention for some time. For example, you can give them your mobile for watching their favorite video or play their favorite games.
  • Prepare a saloon area: You must set up a place that is almost identical to the saloon area. You must also have a secure area for your toddler and must have a comb, towel and barber’s shears. You should place your kid seated on the chair as if it is a barbershop.
  • Keep the pace slow: Since you are not a professional hair designer you may not be able to do hair cutting with your eyes closed. So it is very essential to do hair cutting slowly. It is very important to get the hair even or to line up the hair so that you will be able to spin your scissor in a perfect manner. However, it requires a huge practice to spin the scissor perfectly, and hence it is highly recommended to go through the hair of your toddler very slowly and carefully other they may get hurt. Again you should not be too slow since your toddler may get bored of it. 
  • Understand the texture: Various hair textures are required for various styles of hair. Apart from that, you should also have a different set of tools for getting the hair cut right. For example, if you want to have frizzy rough hair then you must have serrated scissors while for a straight and simple hair cut normal shears works very well. However, it is very essential to keep the hair moist irrespective of the texture that your toddler wants to be. It always becomes very easy when the hair remains wet. This happens because the hair gets expands when it is wet.
  • Take the help of your family: If you observe that your toddler boy does not stay in one place then it becomes necessary to take the help of your family members. You must tell your spouse to be there while you are cutting your hair. However, the older sibling may love to do it and if he or she wants to help you must allow him or her. It will certainly make your job much easier. He or she can take the toddler on his or her lap while holding him securely so that your toddler does not do any movement suddenly. Moreover, your toddle will feel more secure when he or sit will sit in someone’s lap at the time cutting the hair.                                                                 

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