Dutch Braid Vs French Braid: Choose Your Style

Having a braid hair day? Trying to figure out different styles of braid because you are bored with simple ones?

Well, in the smart century wherein any information that you want is always at your fingertips because of your smartphone and unlimited access to the internet.

So, this time, let’s be stylish!

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  • ·       What is a French braid?
  • ·       Styling French braid?
  • ·       How to Make a French braid?
  • ·       What is a Dutch braid?
  • ·       How to Make a Dutch Braid?


  • ·       Dutch braid vs French braid

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“Good hairstyle speaks louder than words.”

A good hairstyle surely changes and enhances your style quotient. It makes you look smart and elegant at the same time.

Having said that, you shouldn’t mind knowing all kinds of braids and their folds and game in to try out different hairstyles.

With that, here we go with the details you need!

What is a French Braid?

French braid is a very old form of braiding your hair.  It is also called the timeless braid since it never goes out of style.

And as rightly said, ‘old is gold, it is also one of the most favourable ways of braiding female hair for ages.

So, let’s know more about styling the look.

Styling French Braid

You can either make a single French braid or two French braids by parting your hair into two depending upon your choice.

French braid is a three-strand braid that begins at the very crown of your head and goes down to the nape of the neck or even lower. If you have long hair or you want your braid to be done to a certain length, that depends on your personal choices.

Do you know, what makes a French braid different from a regular braid?

A French braid involves weaving in small sections of hair into the three strands as you braid, which makes the braid look like it’s cascading down the back of the head.

While initially, a French braid starts with just using some of your hair but as you proceed towards the end, it incorporates all the hair and be tight against the scalp.

French braids are so comfortable and keep the hair in place.

You may observe a lot of sportswomen. They always prefer braiding their hair in a French braid so that they don’t have to worry about their hair at all while playing. Just secure the end with a tight scrunchy and you are good to go for all day long.

With that, we know, you must be excited about the right way of braiding!

So, it’s time to braid!

How to Make a French braid?

Talking about how to make a French braid, then it’s quite simple.

  •  just like you make your regular braid with three sections of hair but in a French braid, take small sections of hair and with each pattern of crossing the left and right strands over the center strand,
  • bring in some more left-over hair from both sides and
  •  keep on repeating the pattern until all the hair is tightly intact in the French braid and your braid is completed till the end.

What is a Dutch Braid?

A Dutch braid is not too different from a French braid. It also requires the same procedure to make a Dutch braid just like the French braid.

Wondering, why are they called different names?

You will be getting all the details in a while. And for now, all you need to know is that just like a French braid, a Dutch braid can also be made as a single braid or two braids with a centre parting in the hair.

Furthermore, here is one quick fun fact for you:

A Dutch braid is popularly known as the ‘boxer braid’ as well.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it!

Now, let us see the procedure to make this braid.

How to Make a Dutch Braid?

Just like we mentioned above, a Dutch braid is not too different from a French braid. But that does not mean that they look the same.

The Dutch braid will appear less like a cascading braid and more like a single braid floating on top of the hair with the sections of hair tucked neatly underneath.

They do have the difference in the pattern of braiding them but just like a French braid.

A Dutch braid is also weaved by putting small sections of hair into the braid as you go from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck.

Done with all the understanding of different styles of braids and their method of weaving and now it’s time to get the answer to our main question aka what is the difference between a Dutch braid and a French braid?

And for that, you have to look below.

What’s So Different?

“When life doesn’t allow you to change anything else, you can still change your hairstyle.”

You must always change your hairstyle whenever you can without thinking too much about how it will look. Just go and try!

So, since you are here to change your hairstyle because you deserve that and we are here to help you in upgrading your knowledge on hairstyles because that’s our duty.

Talking of duties, let us quickly fulfil our last and main duty of telling you the difference between a French braid and a Dutch braid.

Dutch braid vs French braid

As mentioned earlier, these two braids are not too different.

A Dutch braid is the inverted or reversed version of the French braid. But what’s that?

Here is a quick observation you need!

These two braids have a little different way of weaving.

Dutch Braid Vs French Braid: Choose Your Style

Technique-wise, the key difference is that when you create a French braid, you bring the outside hair strands over the middle section whereas when you create a Dutch braid, you bring the outside hair strands under the middle section.

Thus, when you are making a Dutch braid, instead of bringing the left and right strands over the centrepiece as you do in the French one, you will bring the outside strands underneath the middle piece.

 And with that, the dilemma of the French braid and Dutch braid ends.  

So, why delay in trying out them both and see which one you like the most or which suits you better.


The difference between Dutch braid and French braid is not known to many people. and some people mistake a Dutch braid for a French braid too. That’s mainly because the French braid and Dutch braid look a little too similar.

But, with the aforementioned detailed insight, we hope you are now ready to figure out the minor differences as well and choose the best look for you.

Having said that, don’t forget to share which one is competing in your stylebook: Dutch Braid Vs French Braid!

And, to know more about hairstyle, fashion, and lifestyle-related information, stay tuned and keep on reading all the interesting updates.

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