Regular VS Ceramic Window Tint: Which One Should You Opt For?

Are you thinking of getting your car window tinted? Then you might get confused as there are different options. Questions such as which window tint will be better, how will it work, or what are its benefits will come to your mind before you become aware of window tinting.

Why should you get your car tinted?

For improving the appearance of the car and to make it look better and to add style, many people decide to have their car windows tinted. Some people also prefer to get it done for privacy.

 Another benefit of getting windows tinted is blocking heat coming from the aggressive rays of the sun. By decreasing the sun’s heat, one can enjoy the best ambience inside the car. Also, you never need to turn the AC as you did before.

How should you select the best car window film?

Once you become aware of all benefits of having your car windows tinted, you need to know ways of selecting the best car window film. So you need to compare the best ones that can decrease heat. All window films can offer aesthetics and privacy but you will never wish to drive and feel hot in summer.

Regular window tint

Regular tint refers to the dyed tint. Such tints are created from some polyester sheets that are actually dyed to particular gradations, usually lighter and then darker, and then made in various colors.

 The regular tints come with a little ability to block the sun but the rays will still be penetrating through the film and entering your car. You will be able to feel the rise in the temperature. This is known to be the most reasonable tint available in the market, but there is no guarantee of durability. After using it for you will require to replace it due to fading and discoloration that happens often.

But if you use ceramic then you will never have such an issue regardless of the sunlight exposure. People are seen to complain that even after getting their car window tinted, they feel hot. One main misconception that people have is that if a tint is darker, then it will reduce hear better and have great abilities for cooling. But this is never true necessarily. You will require special technology which will block the UV rays for reducing heat and never darker tint.

What are the benefits of using dyed tint?

  • It is the most reasonable car window film
  • It will block UV rays and also absorb little heat
  • It is perfect for individuals who look out for privacy however are never concerned about the UV light.

Ceramic window tint

Ceramic window tinting can decrease the heat to a great extent and offer UV protection of 99%. It is highly durable than any plastic or metallic stuff and is also scratch-resistant. It offers high robbery protection. If anyone tries breaking into the car, they need to work hard for destroying the window tint. It will offer great protection and security.

This window tint has a ceramic coating and nano-ceramic particle. Thus it absorbs a lot of heat regardless of the darkness. This happens due to the cleat coating of ceramic.

 The technology that is used in ceramic window tint, is capable of reflecting the sun, rejecting the UV rays and also sun glare. You never have to get worried regarding interference with radio, GPS or Wi-Fi, and other similar technologies while using this tint as it includes no metal. 99% UV light of the sun can be blocked by nano-ceramic window tint.

 You can enjoy all these benefits without requiring you to add the darkest percentage of this tint.You may not wish to darken your car window, prefer the lighter window tint version and some laws may also be different in various states.

 What are the benefits of using ceramic tint?

  • The great ability to reject heat, UV rays, and sun glare
  • The most updated technology in today’s market
  • Non-metallic
  • Non-conductive
  • Great visibility
  • Structural stability
  • UV rays protection
  • Heat protection
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durability
  • Excellent protection along with security

Ways of checking the difference between regular window tints and ceramic ones?

The stores from where you will be buying the tints will be having few heat lamps which will be letting you check all heat will be coming through one tinted window. Firstly you can put your hand on the other side of your tint and then feel the heat that comes through.

Another way of measuring it will be by making use of a solar power meter. It will measure the heat that gets emitted from the heat lamp. A BTU reading of 400-500 on the darkest limo tint of 5% is what you will be getting with a regular window tint. With ceramic, it will be between 80-90 BTU on a limo tint of 5% and 45-50 on a 30% ceramic tint. If the reading is lower, less heat will come in. 


The difference between regular and ceramic tints is huge. The former one is unable to block a lot of heat, fades fast and discoloration will occur too. You also require changing it often. The ability to block UV rays or infrared light has been never that great too and it will get scratched or damaged easily. But ceramic tint will block most of the UV rays and infrared light along with decrease heat very fast till 85%. It is mainly coated using ceramic and includes nano-ceramic particles. Due to this excellent technology, it will not be interfering with any kind of signals like GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular. The benefits of this film will also be the same irrespective of it is a 10% or 80% tint.

 It is perfect for individuals who may never be tinting their car windows that much dark but will prefer having every benefit that any darker percentage will offer. The security of these films is much higher than the regular ones and the durability is also increased.

All such benefits are worth the price they are available for. So if prefer privacy in your car and never care much regarding the heating and UV or infrared protection as well as have any issue with replacing the window tint more frequently, then regular window tint is best for you. But if you wish to include more benefits along with protection for the car or windows and will not prefer to get bothered with tint replacement often, then ceramic tint will be the most suitable for you. 

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